About Gotcha served PSA

Our team consists of members dedicated to finding people and delivering results


CPP30607 Cert III In Investigative Services.

Over 12 Years of Experience

Our team is headed by an experienced former Private Investigator, with a proven history in

  • Skip Tracing
  • Covert surveillance
  • Overt Intelligence Accumulation and
  • Online Investigations

Awards and Certificates

Our members hold a diverse range of certification, including

  • Customer Service
  • Certified Ethical Hacking and
  • Private Investigation

Professional And Experienced With Investigations

Brooke Carthy

PS, Head of Operations

Brooke has many years’ experience working in the field. With a background working in male-dominated industries, including Private Investigation, she has no issues with face-to-face dealings, subtlety, diplomacy and professionalism.

Coming from a PI background, Brooke has a wide variety of resources and has established an extensive yet varied network of professionals that can assist in the successful completion of the task at hand.

This ensures qualitive and quantitative success beyond comparison.

Committed To Helping Each Client Succeed

History & Expertise




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